10K in 20 Days

I nearly cried when I read this post.
Ok, so it seems like I've been crying a lot lately!  : )
But my heart is so torn up for children that have no homes and for the families that are struggling to adopt them.  

This is God's heart!  To place the fatherless in homes, to give them hope, to give them a future, to give them a family.  

And I never want to get to the place where what breaks God's heart no longer breaks my own.

There are so many families right now that are stepping out in faith and are opening their arms to adopt God's children.  It's amazing to witness.  It humbles me.  It inspires me.  It challenges me.

I want to help.  In whatever small way I can, I want to be a part of this miracle of love.  These families are giving everything they have (and even what they don't yet have) in order to bring a lonely little one into their family and call their own.

Courtney and her husband have started a tremendous campaign for families raising money to adopt.  It's called 10K IN 20 DAYS.  

In Courtney's own words,
"We want to bless families who in are process to adopt and are struggling to raise the funds to finish their adoptions. Since we have been so blessed by the donations we have received in the past for our adoptions, we want to pay it forward. So many families have faithfully come forward to adopt a precious child, yet they cannot come up with the funds to complete their adoptions. We want to bless these families and help meet the need, so that more orphans can come home! 
  We are not asking for large donations. In fact, the amounts accepted are either $5 or $10. You decide what you would like to give. Most, if not all of us have $5 or $10 to give. Once you have made your donation, your name is entered into a drawing to receive some very cool giveaways that have been donated for this cause."
What an incredible campaign of love!!
How many of us could sacrifice one latte or one trip to the movies to bring a child home?

Visit here to be a part of changing lives forever.

**I just found out about another awesome fundraising effort for a friend of mine who is adopting!

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Lauren said...

Joye - you are such a beautiful person! Your heart is just precious and I know the Father delights in you! Thank you so much for sharing about my blog sale next week!:) You are a wonderful friend and I so hope we can meet someday soon!!

much love!!!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

thanks for sharing these wonderful ways to help! may the Lord provide! i have three adopted nieces (from china, ethiopia and haiti) so this is very close to my heart! not to mention the Lord's!!!

Lara said...

Both great fundraisers. I think it takes constant work to remain broken for the causes of Christ. It's so countercultural.

Wife to the Rockstar said...

Thank you so much for blogging about this. It means the world to me!!!!!!!!!!!!


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